6 Days/5 Nights

Guangzhou Tour

Itinerary:  Guangzhou(4day)Foshan(1Day)

DAY 1 Guangzhou
One day tour for Guangzhou historic attractions: 【Dr.Sun Yat-sen’s Memorial Hall】、【Museum of the Western Han Dynasty】、【Temple of the Six Banyan Trees】、【Chen Clan Ancestral Hall】、 【Beijing Rd walking street】

DAY 2 Guangzhou
Start with 【Flower city Square】, 【Guangdong Museum】、【Haixinsha Sport Park】.【Guangzhou Library】appearance、 【Guangzhou Opera House】appearance、【Canton Tower】appearance. Afternoon going to【Guangzhou Tee Mall Plaza】shopping.

DAY 3 Guangzhou
Travel to Panyu, visit Baomo Garden, afternoon visit Changlong Zoo Park

DAY4 Guangzhou – Foshan – Guangzhou
Foshan old town one day tour, to discover the heritage. Start from【Foshan Acentral Temple】(including lion dance、lion dance performance)、【Liangyuan】(Guangdong late Qing dynasty Four gardern)、【Nanfeng Ancient Kiln】、【Chianware Museum】

DAY5 Guangzhou
Free day

DAY 6 Guangzhou
Morning free, afternoon visit 【Shamian Island】